Peace, Where Are You?

Is your life crazy or stressful? Okay, okay, I heard you all the way from here! I know it is.

Most people have crazy, busy, and stressful lives. And, if you are like me, just the sound of the word "peace" can spike your blood pressure. You want it, but it feels so unattainable. But, it's not.

Peace isn't a circumstance, it's a choice.

You can have it if you want it… even in the midst of your busy and stressful life. And, the good news is that your choice toward peace can change your level of stress and reduce the craziness.

Here are two choices you can make to have a peaceful day:

1. Be present where you are ... don't worry.

Today is the only day you can attend to. You are here right now, in the present. You can't get to tomorrow until today is done. That's why you must choose to be present where you are.

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