Permission to Ramble

I've grown too efficient. My life is so full, so bullet listed, and so scheduled that I've forgotten how to ramble. I've lost the knack for lingering long in conversation. My overfilled calendar and productivity addiction have limited me to directly to the point communication. Being long winded, and fully open, seems a luxury. I don't email anymore. I text. It's faster. An actual phone call? Forget about it. I'll get off task. I pursue efficiency. Unless a favorite author pens a blog post, I tend to only read short and catchy posts or numbered tips. For social media, I prefer the photos and concise descriptions of Instagram. It's 2015 after all. I'm a mom with 100 tasks to attend to.

Isn't that the direction we've moved? Our thoughts whittled down for quick consumption. We share brief updates, then we scroll on by and read 100 other friend's summarized social media highlights.

We've made an exchange. More friendships, but less time to deepen them. Our networks have exploded, but our time to dip beneath the surface diminished.

We find people we connect with, that we could learn from, but our schedules are so full that we plan a dinner together six weeks from Tuesday, after 7:30 PM. When we finally sit knee to knee, again, we have time only for highlights.

But that's not who I am. Not who I want to be.

Back in the day, I lingered. I had space for a good ramble.

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