No Place in NY for Those Who Are Pro-life

Several news sources report that during a radio interview last Friday, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said there is no place in New York State for extreme conservatives who are "right-to-life." The reason: "that's not who New Yorkers are." Depending in which poll you follow, the governor is saying there is no place for 55% to 40% of the people who currently live in his state. That is a significant number of people to tell that they are not welcome anymore!

I realize no state law has been passed banning "pro-life" people from New York. But what is important is to see the attitude of a public official who was elected to serve all the people of his state. This statement moves the issue of abortion beyond a debate of right and wrong. The governor is saying if someone does not believe as he does regarding abortion, then that person is no longer fit to be his neighbor.

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