Pop Stars in New Study on Teen Sex

Think your kids aren't listening to what you say about abstinence? Think again. Parents are the single biggest influence on their children's decisions about sex, especially fathers, a new study reports. In a survey of 13 other studies, Vincent Guilamo-Ramos at New York University found that dads who take the time to talk to their kids about sex may have a bigger impact than anyone. "It's not just about mothers," Vincent explains. "The communication between fathers and kids is especially influential."

Although there's been very little research conducted on the subject, Vincent explains that closeness with fathers at the beginning of a study "was significantly associated with daughters delaying starting sex." Positive parenting is one thing, Guilamo-Ramos says, but it's not enough. "It's critical that parents communicate their values and provide guidance to kids." Most moms and dads have no idea how much influence they hold over their kids' sexuality. In study after study, children name their parents--not their friends or Hollywood celebrities--as the single biggest factor in their decision-making. It's time for more moms and dads to start using that leverage to their advantage!

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