The Power of the Words We Speak

"Mom!" "What!" I called back.

"Could you please get me a drink?" my son responded.

I breathed out a heavy sigh. "I just sat down," I grumbled in response.

The Power of a Sigh

Yet even as I spoke those words, the Spirit gently prodded my heart, convicting me of my sigh and tone of voice. You see, a sigh speaks volumes. It can roar just as loud in the heart of a child as yelling. It says, "You are a burden." "You aren't worthy of my time." My tone of voice also said more than words could. It said, "Leave me alone. You irritate me."

Ouch. I would never want to say those things to my kids. While I might not verbally say it, my tone of voice, body language, and facial expressions say those things loud and clear.

I know better. I know that such responses are discouraging, belittling, and unkind. I even correct my children for responding to each other with an irritable tone of voice. I remind them almost daily that the Bible tells us to "encourage each one another and build one another up" (1 Thessalonians 5:11).

But the good news is, while my impatient sighs toward my kids are powerful, God's word is more powerful still.

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