Pray for Saeed Abedini

Please pray for Saeed Abedini who remains in prison in Iran. He was just moved earlier this week from Evin prison in Tehran to Rajai Shahr prison. This is a terrible move for Saeed and he is in much greater danger there than he even was while he was in Evin prison. Rajai Shahr is the place they send prisoners who are seen as a nuisance. Bijnen, an expert on the prisons in Iran said, "Going to Karaj is a severe punishment. Once in there one stops to be a human being. One is put out of sight, even of human rights activists and the press. In Rajaï Shahr, political prisoners have to share cells with dangerous criminals like murderers, rapists and drug addicts who don't hesitate to attack their cell mates. They have nothing to lose: many of them are condemned to death anyway. Murders or unexplained deaths are a regular occurrence." Please uphold Saeed in your prayers during this terribly difficult time.

In addition, please pray for Saeed's wife and children. As you can imagine, they have been devastated by this latest development. She recently wrote the following message: "Yesterday when I heard Saeed's news of being transferred to Rajaei Shahr prison, I fell to my knees crying uncontrollably. Feeling so weak and worn. I felt that this was the blow that I couldn't recover from. I Didn't have the strength to stand up or speak a word. The kids immediately came to my mind. Their innocent faces as they waited for Saeed's return. Saeed's face raced before my eyes. The pains and tortures he must be enduring. Defenseless in the hands of the radicals. I knew I had to get back up again and fight for his life. Relying on my faith in Jesus Christ and the prayers and support of all of you surrounding me, I am up by His Grace. Knowing that more now than ever we have to raise our voices together. We have to pray. We have to take action against this injustice."

Please join with us in upholding Saeed and his family in prayer!!

[This prayer request came from Vision Without Borders' November 8, 2013 email newsletter. Find more from Vision Without Borders here.]