Preparing for War

Should you prepare your children for war? The short answer is yes.

War is brutal, ugly, devastating. Yet, war continues to be a primary means of settling human disputes, public or private. The reason is obvious if you have a biblical view of man.

All humans are born as Satan's allies at war with God (Eph. 2:1-3). For Christians, who have been changed by the grace of God, this war then shifts as a battle between the flesh and the Spirit (Gal. 5).

Governments are made of people. Everyone who is in a position of leadership is also someone involved in war. They are at war with themselves, they are at war with God and their fellow man. Even countries who are committed to peace may have to resort to war as a response to those who would destroy them. In this context we must be thankful for those in our military who fight the good fight.

A survey of recent history shows that war is a common occurrence. Since 1900, the United States has been involved in 10 major international wars. That is an average of one major war every eleven and a half years. The U.S. also has seen numerous smaller military conflicts during this time. War is not something that humans can avoid.

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