A Promise for Moms Watching A Child Suffer

Over the years, lots of stories have been written about my journey into blindness. After a particular magazine interview, I dialed the phone. "Mom, I just finished an interview and I really think the writer is going to do a good job. I think you will like the article." I continued, "And, Mom, she asked if she could interview you. She only has a few questions and I wondered if you could?" My mom hesitated. Her response taught me so much about God's grace.

"Honey, I just can't. It's too hard ... to that writer, your blindness is a story. To me, as your mom, your blindness is a wound that still hurts."

When my mom spoke those painful words, I had been blind almost 30 years. It still hurt because it's hard to watch someone you love carry a burden.

Do you know how she felt? Are you, too, watching a child suffer? Is there someone in your life who you watch struggle and wish you could fix it or pray it away? Is God's grace really sufficient when you feel the weight of such a heavy burden for someone you love?

Participant Grace

Because I was granted the burden of blindness, I was also granted the grace to carry it. God reassured the Apostle Paul that His grace was sufficient. I can testify that it is true -- God's grace has been sufficient for me. When we ask God to remove a burden and He does not, He gives adequate grace to bear the burden.

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