What Is My Purpose in Life?

If you want to live a purpose-driven life you first need to know what your purpose is. A number of years back there was a book that addressed this question. While the book was overwhelmingly received, it did not address this questions as well as the Book whose author is God.

There are all kinds of books, videos, studies and programs that provide methods of discerning and understanding who you are, why you are alive and what you are to do. Sadly, many of them stray from the simplicity of what is true. The simple truth that is found only in what God says.

All too often we want a plan, a check list. We tell ourselves, if I can understand this, or if I can do this, then my life will have purpose and meaning. We often plan things we can do, believing that when we accomplish them it demonstrates that we have a mission and a purpose in life. While it's good to have meaningful work to do, and accomplishing tasks can be a good thing, the problem arises when we find our worth and purpose in what we do. It drives us to to more so we can be more, which can become a vicious cycle of working in order to form an identity for ourselves. That is contrary to what the Word of God tells us. God tells us that He defines who we are and in Him we find our purpose.

The World vs the Word

The world says: You are what you do. You are defined by your job, your socio-economic standing or your recreational activities.

The Word says: We are defined by Christ and what He did for us (Ephesians 1-3)

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