Pythons and Boas: Big, Bad, … and Blessed

Have you ever thought about how God blessed snakes? "Wait a minute," you may respond, "God cursed the serpent in the Garden of Eden. Snakes are slimy, scary -- evil!" We don't necessarily know the serpent's specific identity in the garden. But if you take a closer look at pythons and boa constrictors, two of the largest snakes, you'll see that God blessed them, as He did all the land animals (Genesis 8:17), with unique designs to prosper even in a cursed world.

We know from the earliest pages of Scripture that God created all creeping things, and that a serpent of some kind tempted Eve. The rest of the tragic account is all too familiar -- Eve was deceived, and she and Adam ate the forbidden fruit, bringing about the Fall of man and God’s curse on His creation (Genesis 3:6–17).

So what happened to snakes after that? Far from shunning them, God designed some of the most marvelous adaptations in nature into snakes' DNA.

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