Raising Men: Give Your Son a Vision of the Man He is Becoming

You have a son but, are you raising a man? If you are like many dads, you might have flinched just a little at this question. So effective has the culture been at defacing the idea manhood, we often lack confidence and courage to be identified with them.

This is 21st Century America. We're not supposed to be hung up on concepts like manhood and masculinity, are we?

Well, that depends.

It depends on whether or not we are going to take the politically "correct" approach and attempt to offend no one or the biblical approach and order our lives according to the priorities, principles, and teachings of the Bible regardless of the consequences.

Many are surprised to discover the Apostle Paul tells Timothy, essentially, "Act like a man. Be Strong" (1 Cor. 16:13).

The biblical commission of raising sons to be men is serious business. If the issue is side-stepped, or ignored altogether, and you are raising a man-boy instead of raising a man, you are a force of destruction in the very culture you inhabit. And many fathers who identify themselves as “Christian” are doing just that – destroying the culture through the neglect of their office.

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