Re-Igniting the Torch of Liberty!

torchoflibertymainDid you know that our American ancestors and Founders went through the same struggles we are facing today? They endured a stock market and financial meltdown, immigration crises, waves of corrupt politicians, and power grabs at the highest levels pushing for worldwide control of the economy and business. Facing an impossible struggle for liberty, they persevered and birthed the finest constitutional republic in history. Only if we learn and understand what they knew and what they did, can we recover our freedom and prosperity and pass the torch of liberty to our posterity.

This is how it happened.

For nearly a century our earliest ancestors set up their civil society molded around the principles of limited, accountable, representative government.

Their experiment was the culmination and expression of the blood-bought freedom documents including the Celtic interlinear Bible translations in the first centuries A.D., Patrick's Liber Ex Lege Moisi (Book of the Law of Moses), English Common Law, Magna Carta and the Mayflower Compact.

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