Ready-Made Instincts

As a newborn infant, how did you know to do the things that you were never taught? At first that question might strike you as nonsense. Perhaps you're thinking, "Huh? Babies don't know anything they didn't actively learn. We're all born with a brain that's a blank slate, and after we're born, we begin to learn through experiences, through environment, and through lessons taught by others."

However, the notion that humans (or animals or insects) are born with a brain that is devoid of knowledge, simply waiting for a chance to sponge it up, is incorrect. To draw a rough analogy, a computer can be assembled with every physical component in place down to the last screw, but it can accomplish nothing until information is installed onto its motherboard.

Typically, any computer you buy comes with a basic operating program preinstalled, enabling it to function on an elementary level even though most of its memory is free for additional programs and data.

In a sense, this pre-installation of programming is what the Creator does for human babies (and other creatures). Even before a baby's birth, God installs into the brain and nervous system a vital "operating system" that helps the newborn to survive.

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