What Does it Really Take to be a Family Man?

What does it really take to be a family man? A family man...

1. Loves his wife as his first priority.

For building security, stability, and trust, there is no substitute for dad loving mom and being fiercely faithful to her. For the true family man, mom comes first and the kids come second.

2. May travel for business or the military but, his heart is always at home.

A family man doesn't look at "home" as something to be gotten away from. Everyone he encounters knows wherever he is, he's away from the place and people he loves. He may have a big business meeting with "important" people but, to him, the most important people he will ever interact with are waiting for him at home.

3. Loves children.

Any husband can be a family man at heart, even before the children arrive because he loves them and sees children as an integral part of what God is doing in the world – not as burdens that will compromise his plans, goals, and ministry.

4. Puts his family before himself

A family man makes a lot of everyday choices for those under his care before he focuses on what he would like. His first choice is to meet his family’s needs. His needs are a second-tier priority to the needs of those he is responsible for.

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