What It Really Takes to Stay True for the Long Haul

We somehow found ourselves at the top of the mountain. A romantic impulse, I suppose. But last week-end we were heading back home and he suddenly steered the car up the road to Timberline Lodge at the top of Mt. Hood, Oregon.

A small detour up into the snowy peak.

When we arrived at the grand historic lodge, however, we found ourselves in a long line of cars as the parking lot appeared to be closed. We inched our way up to the parking attendant who looked as though he had been standing in the cold for far too many hours.

His explanation was brief: "Sorry, no chance. Nothing open with a ski race and two weddings going on."

Honestly? You won't let us up there?

"Nope. Can't do it." And he motioned for us to move along.

My husband -- never one to give up easily -- pressed him: But what if we recently celebrated our anniversary up here?

I leaned over and added, "Yes, and we've been married for 21 years. We had one of our first dates here..."

Surprisingly, the man's hard lines softened right before our eyes. "Really? You two have been together for over 21 years?"

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