Reviving The Lost Art of Loyalty

Matt was tracking his brother and his brother's friend on an app for the Huckleberry 100. When we could see their bikes were only 15 miles out from the halfway point, we drove downtown to cheer them on at the rest station. "They're six miles out," my husband said.

"Five miles."

"Should be any minute now," he said.

But they didn't come and didn't come.

We chatted with some friends who had done the family length of the bike race. Still our guys hadn't come around the corner. We exchanged concerned looks.

Finally they came slowly around the corner.

Immediately we could see the serious look on Luke's face and the pained look on his friend's face. Evidently, the friend wasn't far enough out from a previous hamstring injury to be riding a race. His leg was causing him intense pain, and there was no way he could turn the pedals one more time.

My brother-in-law grabbed a snack and took off, trying to make up time. We loaded his seriously bummed friend and his bike into our vehicle.

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