Running in the Rain

My husband and I had a tough week. With a very unexpected and sudden family death, it felt like we were plucked out of regular life and thrown into an obstacle course: Instead of the ease and familiarity of checking e-mails, I was jumping over barricades of family grief. When I would typically be cooking dinner, I was instead hanging upside down from a trapeze over a pit of fire. Normal life was nowhere to be found. As we sat back and tried to gather strength from our God and each other, I was reminded of a walk we took just a few weekends ago.

My husband loves walks. If we both have a very exhausting day, my natural state is to lie on the couch, eat potato chips, and watch re-runs of Seinfeld. My husband, however, can think of nothing better on a tiring day than going on a walk. This is something I have learned to adjust to, understanding it is a great way to serve my spouse. So after a busy weekend, Caleb and I grabbed our tennis shoes and went on a hike through our local metro park, even though I would rather lay down and nap.

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