Regardless of your method of schooling, your children will have schoolwork to do at home. How you interact with your children while they are doing schoolwork has a huge impact on your relationship with them. Here are some positive ways you can interact with your kids and their schoolwork. Schoolwork issues generally fall into one or more of these three categories: speed, neatness, and accuracy. Undergirding these three categories is the truth that all things must be done to the praise and glory of God. Here is an acronym you can use. Schoolwork is a S.N.A.P.

Speed Neatness Accuracy Praise

Speed means that work must be attacked diligently and consistently without interruptions.

Neatness is a courteous gift that is given to others so that work can be easily understood.

Accuracy shows a high regard for truth and integrity.

Praise acknowledges that God is worthy of worship and honor in all that we do. And, on a personal level, it is important to appreciate your child's efforts.

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