Samson, Joshua, Solomon and Football

Recently our football team played in the Section semi-finals. There were two 8-1 teams meeting on a beautiful Saturday afternoon for the right to advance to the Section finals. This was a big game against a near-by school so excitement was at an all time high. As the coaches do every pre-game, we met in a classroom to go over final game plans, talk to the players to get them in the right mindset, and then close in prayer before going out to the field. Normally, a coach prays, but on this day we asked if a player would like to say the team prayer. As we scanned the room we got our volunteer. Just as we were about to start, one of the players asked, "When we pray why do we ask for 'the strength of Samson, the courage of Joshua, and the wisdom of Solomon?'" The door was open, and we seized the opportunity.

For the next 20 minutes we explained to the young men about Samson, Joshua, and Solomon and the historical accounts we find about these men in the Bible.

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