Saving the Offensive Mount Soledad Cross

My family and I recently went on a shuttle bus tour of La Jolla, Calif., a sort of Beverly Hills of San Diego and one of the most expensive housing markets in the country. One of the stops was the Mount Soledad Veterans Memorial. A cross, which sits atop a hill and reaches 29 feet, is part of a landmark that can be seen for miles. Before the trip, I didn't know the place existed. While I wasn't privy to the political leanings of my fellow tourists, the occasion was non-political and respectful. I wasn't surprised when the tour guide told us the cross was the subject of litigation. The federal government currently owns the land under the cross. Atheists have been trying to remove it for years, citing an Establishment Clause violation, although the U.S. Constitution doesn't bar the use of religious symbols on taxpayer-supported land. In 2011, the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the cross unconstitutional. Last year, the U.S. Supreme Court refused to hear the case.

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