Sea Monsters

Afraid to swim in the ocean because of sharks? The fictional 25-foot (7.6 m) great white shark in the movie Jaws made quite a sensation. But it would barely make a mid-morning snack for the real-life monsters that stalked the seas in Noah's day. The Bible explains that the earth and everything in it was once "very good" (Genesis 1:31), but the earth became corrupt and violent as a result of Adam's sin (Genesis 6:11). Even some sea creatures turned into dangerous hunters, as we can see from their fossil remains. The Flood preserved many specimens of these sea creatures.

Seagoing Reptiles

Many natural history museums display skeletons of enormous sea monsters, the mosasaurs. Their features are unmistakable. They look a lot like oversized lizards designed for life in the sea. Imagine a komodo dragon with flippers instead of arms and legs. Then make it really, really big — the biggest of them (like the Mosasaurus and Tylosaurus) were 50 feet (15 m) or more in length! They make the shark in Jaws look puny by comparison.

Some mosasaurs had a torpedo snout for ramming and a long row of deadly teeth for tearing and crushing. Like modern snakes, they could flex their lower jaw to swallow extra-large prey. Such designs speak of a Creator, who supplied sea creatures with tools to survive in a fallen world after Adam's sin.

But in our childlike fascination with scary monsters, we often overlook other more benign marvels.

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