The Secret Behind 60 Years of a Loving Marriage

She was only seventeen. Young, strong and determined.

He was 19 and enlisted in the Navy.

But they were both in love and so they married. They soon started their family and were blessed with four children: two daughters and two sons. As he was quite the adventurer -- bush pilot, missionary, and pioneer -- their lives were never dull. And she was always right there by his side.

She looked after him. She stood by him. And she loved him through it all.

Eventually I met and married their youngest son and so I got to call them Dad and Mom too.

Now those two have been married for 60 years. SIXTY years. (Hard to believe, isn't it?)

But it's even better than that. They've not only stayed married ... they still love each other after all this time.

Still snuggle. Still hold hands. And still kiss each other good night.

It's like nothing ever changed.

Except that much has changed.

Because a few years ago Mom started showing the signs of Alzheimer's. She grew increasingly forgetful, confused, and troubled. She got mixed-up and wandered. She no longer recognized many of us, including her beloved husband.

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