How to See Your Job as a Joy

I have been a cranky Christian lately. I admit it.

It's because I have felt overwhelmed and stressed.

I once heard someone say, "I'm too blessed to be stressed" and thought that was just plain naive! I thought that sounded a bit like bumper sticker theology. It rhymed, but wasn't based in reality.

So, here I was. Totally overwhelmed with three big deadlines and very little time!

And, then, I heard myself on the phone... "I've got to do this..." and, "I've got to get that done by..." and, "I have to finish this week or..."

I heard it and it dawned on me...

I sounded like a prisoner grudgingly doing my chores just so the warden might see and let me out early for good behavior.

I was doing a good work, but with a bad attitude.

My voice was full of dread and everything I said made it sound like the projects I was working on were just plain drudgery.

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