Seeing God's Beauty In Our Children's Mess

Watching my kids make a mess can be torturous. There's really no other word for it. Art projects, dinner table crumbs and closet destruction...

Not being able just to step in, clean it, fix it or toss it, is just plain anguish.

So imagine the mix of emotions I felt when a friend of mine told she wanted to come over and do a craft with all 4 of the girls ... at the same time! My initial thought was, "Wonderful they will love it! What time should I come back?"

Turns out that is not what she had in mind!

As an art teacher, my friend had a "big-mess-party" planned! A plan that I knew my girls would LOVE. A plan that I knew would challenge my very instincts to keep them clean and seated properly, playing quietly with their tea sets and baby dolls. (This never happens by the way!)

She arrived loaded with tubs filled with a rainbow collection of paint, varying sizes of canvas, a huge roll of plastic and four tiny little aprons.

Sweet. Let the party begin!

First things first, I grabbed the plastic and covered every inch of our back patio. I wish I could show you, but you will have to take my word for it!

Then I tiptoed around, trying not to be the party pooper. I took on the jobs like refilling the paint brush water (If I couldn’t clean up or avoid the total mess, at least I could make sure the paint brushes were nice and in good shape for the job!)

Mostly I watched the joy in their eyes and basked in the sound of happiness.

However, I could not stop my mind from racing with thoughts like:

"Those colors don't match! That is way too much paint; it's going to take forever to dry!"

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