Self-Awareness and the Heart

selfawarenessheartmainBeing self-aware is essential to living for the glory of God.

The Scripture says that all things are to be done for God's glory. The problem is we are easily self-deceived. This is where self-awareness comes in. How well do we understand ourselves? How can we help our children gain self-awareness?

A young child may reason that a cookie will make her happy. The desire for the cookie overrides the command from mom not to have the cookie till after supper. On the surface this appears to be a simple matter of behavior. The desire for the cookie wins out over obedience.

However, on the heart-level, complex patterns are at work. We are born with a nature that is at war with God. Romans 1 also tells us that this sinful nature actively suppresses the truth of God. The unseen battle goes something like this:

"I want that cookie. I will not submit to God's law or what mom wants. I deserve to have that cookie because it is my right to have it. I will not let God tell me what to do!"

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