Seven Compelling Evidences: Scientific Accuracy

The Bible never claims to be a science textbook. Nevertheless, the Bible claims to be "true from the beginning" (Psalm 119:160, KJV), so every specific reference about science must be accurate. Indeed, this is one way the Bible's authenticity can be tested. Christ Himself, the Word of God who is the author of all Scripture, asserted that we should be able to believe everything He says about earthly things (John 3:12).

Over the centuries the Bible has been rigorously tested for scientific accuracy, and it has never failed. Not only is God's Word always true; it has proven to be the key to understanding God's world today!

Scientists have run into all sorts of interesting questions about the physical and biological processes that produced the world we see today, but they are limited to observing, testing, and experimenting with present processes and creatures. They can only guess about the past based on fragmentary evidence and biased assumptions, which they cannot scientifically prove or disprove because they were not present to observe what happened in the distant past.

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