Sex in the Sermon

sermonmainOver the past few years, my now 12-year-old daughter has been exposed to some rather uncomfortable subjects. Prostitution, homosexuality, whoring, menstrual cycles, bodily emissions, and rape have all been discussed in her presence.

You might wonder what type of parents we are. Do we let her watch too much TV? Allow her to listen to the wrong radio stations? Surf the internet without guidance? Actually my husband and I are fairly strict about the influences we allow into our home. It's been one particular outside influence that has reached our daughter.

We take her to church.

We take her to a church that preaches through the Bible. All of it. Even the nooks and crannies we feel quite shocked to hear mentioned in a room full of people. A few years ago, we spent nine months in the book of Leviticus. Nine months doesn't allow you the opportunity to skip the uncomfortable sections.

Another series was on the Book of Hosea. As I sat beside my daughter, hearing the story of Gomer preached, I realized she probably had no clue what the word prostitute meant. Prior to the sermon I never had reason to discuss the topic with her. Our church is now studying Jeremiah, and recently our passage used the word whore. Seven times. I would have carefully shielded my daughter from any other book, show, or song that used that term.

It's not that we're trying to insulate our children from the topic of sexuality. We've always attempted to dialogue openly with them. We believe in starting the conversation early and keeping the conversation going in age-appropriate stages. But while parents have a clear duty to initiate these discussions with their children, they also need the church to provide repeated input and guidance. Deliberate preaching of the "whole counsel of God" (Acts 20:27) will naturally encourage parents to continue these important conversations. God's Word is not prudish about sexuality. It is careful to illustrate the pitfalls and the trappings, as well as the beauty and the blessing.

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