Sexual Purity: Something to Celebrate

Preparing your children to combat sexual sin should begin very early. It is never too soon to say that marriage is a wonderful blessing from God. When any discussions of sexuality arise, you should point out what is appropriate for marriage and what is not. As your children grow older, your explanations will need to be more specific, until finally you arrive at the franker discussions needed to address the onset of puberty. But in the context of ongoing conversations, you have the privilege of positioning sexual behavior positively, within marriage. This sets the stage for you to have natural opportunities to demonstrate that when people choose to disobey God's directives for sexuality, bad things happen. Parents, you must not shy away from this point. Spiritual warfare is raging around you and your children. Sexual purity is depicted in our culture as a joyless life of self-denial and struggle. But that is not what God teaches about sexual purity. Sexual purity in marriage is a cause for celebration. It is too easy to think that sexual purity means dull sexual activity. At least, that is what the enemy of your soul wants you and your children to think. In contrast, Hebrews 13:4 says the marriage bed must be kept pure and undefiled. Sex that is pure is sex that brings honor to God and joy to his people.

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