Should the IRS Be Abolished?

irsmainI recently received this email from Tony Perkins at the FRC Action:

Audits, liens, garnishments: the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) goes to amazing lengths to ensure you comply with your taxes but what happens when they turn that energy to making sure you also comply with their political agenda? As recent scandals have shown, that's exactly what they are doing! Our response: its time we abolished the IRS.

The IRS has admitted to unfairly targeting conservatives, hassling adoptive parents, throwing lavish conferences, attempting to censor pro-life groups and has leaked confidential tax information for political ends -- and this is the agency we are going to trust with enforcing Obamacare?

Sign our petition now calling for the end of the IRS!

Their agenda is clear. The IRS has admitted to singling out Tea Party groups as early as 2010, unduly scrutinizing their tax-exempt status, asking inappropriate questions and slow walking approval. They told one pro-life group to, "keep your faith to yourself," and illegally leaked confidential donor information to gay activists, exposing traditional marriage supporters to harassment.

When it comes to managing money they even mishandled that, subjecting 35,000 families applying for the adoption tax credit to needless audits while expensing millions on conferences.

These daily deepening scandals have proven that the IRS is incapable of governing itself. It has betrayed the trust of the American people, serving partisan interests over the nation's and should therefore be abolished. Please sign our petition calling for the end of the IRS.

What do you think? Should the IRS be abolished? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this.