Simple Ways to Give the Gift of Your Words

Christmas shopping season will soon be in full swing. The arrival of this time of year means moms often spend lots of time searching for the ideal gifts for her kids — and husbands — whether they snatch them up at a local store or click their way around to shop online. Presenting a family member with a gift — Christmas, birthday, or “just because” — is a great way to show love. However, sometimes what is needed more is the gift of our words.

Here are some ways to use your words—whether they are spoken, handwritten, texted, or posted — to show love to one of your clan this holiday season.

Stick ’em up.

Once they are asleep, place a sticky note where they are sure to spot it first thing in the morning that says, “Just in case you were wondering, I’m glad you’re my ________” (fill in the blank with son, daughter, or husband).

Mess up a mirror.

Grab a tube of lipstick or a wax pencil and scrawl out a message of encouragement on an important day for them. Perhaps your husband has a performance review at work or your child has an exam or audition later that day. Finish the statement with “I am praying for you.” Then set an alarm on your phone so you remember to pray.

Type out a text.

Grab your phone and type out a text to a family member—whether near or far away—telling them you are thinking of them and hoping they are having a great day. Be sure to use lots of emojis! This is a simple way to show love that takes less than a minute from your day but might just make theirs.

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