Sneaky Sin

sneakysinmain"What is that?" I stopped brushing my freshly-washed hair to stare at the big brown speck reflecting back at me from the mirror. How I could still have dirt on my body after a twenty minute shower? Sure, we'd been hiking in the Colorado Mountains all day, but dirt didn't permanently stain!

I examined the spot on my arm more closely and screamed in horror. It wasn't dirt.

There was a tick on my arm. Yes, I said T-I-C-K.

My stomach turned with nausea. There I was, thinking I was little Miss Perfectly Clean while a nasty blood-sucker was hanging on my arm! Yuck!

Immediately (well, after jumping around and screaming for a minute) my mom we began the tick removal process while I kept repeating, "I can't believe I didn't feel it! I wonder how long it was there."

As gross as that experience was, it's a perfect illustration of how sin can sneak into our lives. We think we're doing great, but then we look into the mirror of God's word and see this big spot of sin that we never noticed before. Have you ever experienced that?

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