Sold Out

A man was walking in a field and came across something that was buried in the ground. In a moment his life changed forever. What he found caused him to immediately sell all of his personal possessions and then buy this field with its great treasure. He sold out to gain the treasure. People sell out for treasure all time. The question is, how valuable is that treasure? We have just witnessed the Olympic spectacle. There are countless stories of people selling out to win the gold.

What about you? What are you sold out for? What do your children think is your greatest treasure?

Would they say it is knowing Christ, based on the way that you talk and the things that you buy for them and for yourself? Do those that are closest to you see you overwhelmed with the treasure of Christ?

Winning the gold medal brings instant recognition. In some of the more high-profile events that recognition may last a life time. The gold medal opens many doors. Most who win gold say it was worth the price.

But then one day the gold medal winner comes to the end of life on earth. The medal that opened doors and won respect on earth is shown to God. Only God is not impressed with gold medals. Our gold medal winner sold out for something less than the best.

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