Son ... Start Saving for the Wedding Ring Now

A friend of mine started saving for his wife's wedding ring from the time he was in his mid-teens. He didn't save much, of course. Sometimes he'd put just five or ten dollars in a jar. That isn't enough to clean most wedding rings, much less purchase a high-quality diamond, but the amount wasn't really the point. Every time he put money in the jar, he prayed for his future wife. "Lord, keep her heart pure."

"Lord, help her draw near to you today."

"Lord, help me become the kind of man she'll want to marry."

And what do you think it meant to his future wife when she found out he had been saving for her ring and praying for her before he even knew her?

That's right.

She felt like the luckiest women in the world.

Now that one of my children (a son) is married, one is seriously dating and the other is seriously single, I'm becoming more aware of how it feels to prepare and release your children into their own marriages. And I believe encouraging your son (and daughters—more on that at the end) to start saving up for their future spouse's wedding ring is a great tool to get our boys thinking in the right direction.

One of the many things I like about this practice is that it encourages young men to begin thinking about marriage now, to start praying for their wives even before they know who their wives are, and to literally start caring for their wives even before they meet them.

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