In Spite of Our Parenting

When I began the parenting journey, I knew that it would be tough. I knew that my husband and I would be responsible to teach right from wrong and good from bad. But, I imagined that good, consistent parenting would produce good, obedient children. My prayers were centered on my kids growing up -- under our good parenting -- loving Christ and his gospel. But, I didn't bargain on my own sinfulness.

One morning, when my then almost four-year-old son wet his bed again, I spoke harshly in my impatience. My two older girls had had the dry-at-night thing wrapped up by the time they were two and a half. Why couldn't he get it right?

I will never forget the innocent face that looked up at me from under a mop of tousled hair, or the penetrating eyes and the sweet little voice that said, "Mommy, don't be cross with me. I'm still learning."

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