Splainin' Lucy! – Part 4

lucypart4mainIn this five-part series you may have been wondering, why I would take so much time to focus on some bones? Well, the answer is because these bones are being used to create doubt about the Word of God. And the only reason they can be used with such success is because Christians:

  1. Don't know what the actual evidence is!
  2. Don't critically evaluate what the evidence!
  3. Think it doesn't matter!

This is why we're spending so much time on this. This is real world evangelism and Christians must take this seriously. By the way, when it comes to point number three above, it absolutely does matter! Remember, 50% to 88% of young folks raised in the church are walking away at age 18!

Our heart at rforh is to reduce that number and we're trying to accomplish this by educating Christians on what the Word of God teaches and training them to use critical thinking when evaluating current issues.

So, with that intro, let's move onto the teaching. We've covered Lucy's skull reconstruction and her supposed humanlike "eye's." We've also discussed the supposed humanlike hips and knees. Using secular information we've shown that regardless of the big claims made about Lucy being an apelike ancestor to humans the observational evidence doesn't quite back that up.

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