Spouses Who Trust Each Other and the Love They Enjoy

It was an unlikely place for a "chance" encounter – the hidden alcove at the brake shop I trust to work on my truck. Three feet wide, five feet deep – perfect. I chose that spot because today, I didn’t want to talk to anybody. This is a great space to work, no distractions. No one will come back here. But then, after a few clicks to get to the right page on the computer, energy from the eyes of another human began making my scalp tingle. I looked up into a familiar face but it wasn't the jovial one I remembered. Drawn and sober, we were soon talking of his father's passing some months prior, and now his mother had cancer, which had raged undetected for who knew how long?

The scalpel's sharp compassion cut deep as resolute surgeons determined to remove the diseased flesh but then, without extracting anything, they closed up the wound and called the family for consultation. My friend feared the worst – it was too late. Silently advancing, the cancer had corrupted everything in its path.

If only he had found out sooner ... then something could have been done.

Cancer – we hate that word and all the heartache and destruction it has brought to so many. Which is why your Enemy wants you to ignore the relational cancer eating away at the substance of the most important human relationship you will ever have.

Is any aspect of your life hidden from your spouse? Secrets – do you keep them from your husband/wife? They're cancer, silently destroying. And they don't have to be big secrets to do serious damage. For driving a destructive wedge deep into your relationship, small ones will do just fine.

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