Are Stars Still Forming Today?

Most astronomers believe that the universe began in a big bang nearly 14 billion years ago, but they believe most stars can't be that old because they would burn out. So astronomers generally assume that most of today's stars formed after the origin of the universe. Indeed, they take it for granted that many stars are still forming even today. How do those who believe in biblical creation respond to this?

What's Clear from the Bible

Biblically, we understand that God made the heaven, Earth, the sea, "and all that is in them" in six days (Exodus 20:11). This would include the stars.

The Bible's short timespan doesn't allow time for stars to form out of condensed gas clouds, as the secular model requires. For instance, astronomers believe that a star like the sun requires 30 million years to form from a collapsing gas cloud. Furthermore, the Bible does not describe the origin of stars, sun, and the Earth in the same order as the secular model. Genesis 1 explains that the Earth was made three days before the sun and stars, while the secular model puts the sun and most stars first.

Knowing that God completed the creation in six days and rested on the seventh, many biblical creationists believe that no stars have been forming since the Creation Week. But is this warranted?

A Changing Universe

Some creation astronomers have suggested an analogy between stars and animals, such as horses. God made the original horse "kind" on Day Six and hasn't made any new kinds of creatures since. Yet new horses are born to replace the ones that die.

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