In life, much of the time the path is clear and we fly full speed ahead. All is well, life is good, relationships are fine, bills are paid, everyone is healthy, and a quick glance ahead tells us that we can keep the pedal to the metal. Unfortunately, there are other times when we turn a corner and run headlong into a barrier. For the moment, we are in shock. What just happened??!!???. Red and blue lights flash, sirens scream, and debris covers the roadway, and our heads are spinning. Something went wrong and we never saw it coming. It is at these critical junctures that we must ask some key questions. “Did I make a wrong turn?” “Did someone else make a decisions that caused them to come crashing into me?” Regardless of the answer, we really only have two fundamental choices. Stop.… or find a way to keep moving ahead no matter how much damage was done.

Much of life is like that. We push the cruise control button and for long stretches our lives just seem to take care of themselves. No real problems and no bad surprises. Then,…along comes an unexpected road block in the form of a broken relationship, trouble with kids, financial hardships, the loss of a friend or loved one, and a thousand other things that ruin our trip…at least temporarily. This is more than just a hunch for me. Last week, my beloved mother passed on without much warning. The impact on me? Crash. Roll over. Flames and broken glass all over my life. Lots of pain that no hospital could diminish. For the moment, life was no longer good and the road was washed out. I know you’ve been there, too.

When faced with such challenges, it’s tempting to stop and try to go back the way we came. Just hit reverse and all will be well. Memories of the smooth road pull at our minds and call Siren-like, knowing full well that life has no big R on the transmission that we can shift to and erase what just happened. In God’s glorious plan, forward is the only way we are allowed to go....

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