Storm-Proof Your Marriage

Who anticipates a season of drought followed by brushfires that strip the vegetation from the surrounding hills? This is the reality facing many in southern California. After the smoke cleared people took a breath. Thankfully, the worst was over ... until it started to rain. No longer able to absorb water, the barren hills turned to mudslides, wiping out luxury homes. Years of investment .. gone in an instant. What a waste. Every one of those homes was built on a solid foundation but it wasn't enough.

A good foundation is important but it's never enough, especially in marriage. Eventually a careless match will ignite that drought-stricken place in your relationship followed by unrelenting rain. The forces of destruction are moving your way. You’d sooner hold back the tide than those muddy hills and if that is what your solid foundation is built on -- mud -- withstanding the relational storms of life is highly unlikely.

What is your foundation built on? That is the crux of the matter. If it's resting on anything other than the Rock, it will shift in the storm inevitably coming your way.

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