Stress or Confess?

Isn't it amazing how God uses stress to make Himself more real to us? Saturday morning, I had a choice. Tucked away in my nice, warm bed, a sudden bolt of terror hit me like lightening, and I had to choose: Stress or confess?

Because it happened. On the second morning of our last and biggest Fresh Grounded Faith event of our whole year, my alarm clock decided to take a day off.

You can imagine the morning that followed.

I flew into my closet, flung clothes off of hangers, threw them up in the air and prayed they would fall into place. Phil went straight to the kitchen for coffee which I drank in my bathroom, taking sips between mascara strokes. Whew!

I finally ran out the door, hair unwashed, pants wrinkled ... but at least I was showered and on time?

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