Successful Parents: 4 Things They Believe & Do

Parenting ... it's a full-time job with lots of overtime, even if you have only one child! When our first came along, we'd fall exhausted into bed at night wondering how people with two kids managed.

Then we had two.

Okay, we've got this. Divide and conquer. It's two-on-two. (Single Mom, wow, how do you do it?!)

Then #3 arrived and we were out numbered!

Are we going to make it?

Having kids is like going skiing for the first time. How am I going to do this? The first moment you face the Bunny Slope, it's overwhelming and a face-plant seems all but certain. But then you master it and move on. You get better. Your skill increases. You learn. You grow and, before too long, you're shredding the Black Diamond runs.

Okay, so maybe we're not "shredding" our way through parenting but what once seemed daunting before too long becomes "everyday." And it's right here, in that familiar place of "day in and day out" that we parents need to take stock.

Life's demands have a way of getting us to focus on the functionality of our families. Are we keeping the wheels on the wagon? But, there's something so much more important than making sure dinner is on the table at the right time, landing that next business deal, or that the music and sports lessons are attended punctually.

Parenting Perspective #1: My Relationship With My Child is What Matters

Parenting – strip it down and what do you really have? A relationship with a unique little person God entrusted to you to nurture, love, and raise. As a parent, you are building a relationship you will have for life with another person. What is the quality of what you are building? Does that “other person” feel truly valued by you?

On any given day, your relationship with your child should trump all the busyness life throws at you.

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