Superhero Capes Not Required

When both of my boys were growing up, they loved superheroes. I mean, what little boy isn't fascinated with Batman and Superman who always arrive without a minute to spare and save the day? We'd sit on the living room floor with the miniature figurines and make up missions and rescues and cheer when the whole city was saved. We would take Superman and have him fly toward the "burning" Lego skyscraper and swoop in just in time to save the family. All the while his cape was flying in the wind like a true hero.

I didn't realize it then -- in fact, it took years for me to realize it -- but Superman wasn't the only one who wore a cape. I wore a superhero cape too -- my superhero cape was my faith.

My faith cape made me feel like I could fly, do super human stunts and be unaffected by all the stuff mere mortals dealt with. But, my faith was not designed to be a superhero cape. It is meant to be a blanket ... a blanket of faith.

You see, we all have a blanket of faith. It's woven together with the strands of what we believe about God and what we have experienced in our relationship with him. We wrap ourselves in this blanket and it helps us feel protected and comforted.

You may have a well-worn blanket of faith because you've walked with God for years and years. I do. My blanket of faith is over forty years old! Or, you may have a brand new blanket of faith, and you're still learning how to wrap yourself in it.

No matter how long we've had our blankets of faith, we all feel more secure when we're wrapped in them.

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