Superheroes, Samson, and Jesus

If your children were given a choice to be a superhero with super powers or just have common courage, what would they choose? My guess is that any child would choose to have superpowers. Superheroes can fly,and shooting lasers out of their eyes. Their only response to danger is: BRING IT! Sounds pretty good, even to us, Dads. But all of that comes with a price. Aside from the fact that all that power makes a superhero a target for the worst evil around, there is another element to all that power: Super powers are not so super apart from virtue.

An Early Superhero

We have copious modern examples of superheroes abusing their power, but we also have a great Biblical lesson. Consider Samson. His miracle birth and empowerment by the Spirit of God enabled him to accomplish incredible feats and gave him superhero status. He ripped up city gates with his bare hands and brought death to Israel’s enemy, the Philistines, with the jawbone of a donkey.

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