Supernatural Marriage

How much more could Jesus, God in flesh, have done on this earth if He had given Himself another thirty years of active ministry rather than three short years? Jesus could have performed many more healings and miracles so that the church would number in the hundreds of thousands rather than the few hundred who believed at His death. He could have written dozens of books rather than work through Matthew, Paul, John, and Peter. He could have established churches all over the world, putting the leaders in place under His authority so that no one would question them

Why did Jesus leave the church so seemingly unprepared?

The answer is He didn’t, not really. Jesus had great confidence in the Holy Spirit. He told His disciples that this comforter and counselor would lead them to do even greater things than He had done and so He could leave with full confidence that even in His physical absence, all that would need to be done would be done.

Do we live with this confidence in the Holy Spirit for our lives, our marriages, and our families?

So much of Christian teaching today is about us developing “our” gifts, improving “our” talents, reaching “our” potential, yet so much of Jesus’s teaching and modeling is about surrendering to the work of the Holy Spirit. Let’s allow marriage to teach us to trust this Holy Spirit.

It is impossible to be married in a sacred manner without the Holy Spirit being active in our lives, helping us to understand what it means to love, giving us the power to love, convicting us when we fail to love, renewing our hearts when we grow weary in love, and pouring out hope when we grow discouraged in love. Many of you are frustrated in your marriages because you try to live as if the Trinity isn’t part of the equation. You keep asking something of your spouse and rarely get it: “Listen to me more.”

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