Syria, Joaquin, and Oregon

How big is your God? In Syria, Russian and United States combat planes appear to be flying missions with different objectives. The close proximity of the these two armed forces combined with the uncertainty of the Russian's strategic objective is unsettling. Also, it appears that the Russians and Iranians are working together. Wars have started with less provocation.

Hurricane Joaquin has the potential to strike the Eastern seaboard. Recent storms hitting the same area have done considerable damage. Again, there is reason to be concerned for life and property.

In Roseburg, Oregon a 26 year-old man murdered at least 10 students at a community college. According to one news source the gunman asked the students if they were Christians. If they said yes, they were shot in the head. While there is much left to know about this tragic shooting one thing is clear; the depravity of the human heart has once again reared its ugly head.

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