Take Time to Remember

Whenever we get together with college friends someone always starts by saying, "Remember when ____?" Then we all take turns sharing our favorite stories. We laugh so hard, it hurts. Though it's been nearly twenty years since those stories took place, when we remember them together, it's like time rolls back and we are college students once again.

The Need to Remember

Scripture is full of admonitions to remember. The Israelites celebrated various feasts during the year to remember all that God had done for them. Parents were instructed to tell their children the story of their redemption from slavery. Many events in Israel's history were marked with pillars and monuments to remember what happened at a specific location. And Paul pointed back to the gospel to remind the Galatians of their freedom in Christ. Remembrance is important in marriage as well.

Just as the Israelites needed to remember their stories to keep them focused on their first love, we also need to remember the stories that bind our heart to our spouse. Like the Israelites, we are prone to forgetfulness and easily distracted. Remembering the stories of our past, the stories that connect us as a couple, pulls us away from distractions and refocuses our heart on one another.

Because the truth is, we can get so stuck in the muck and mire of our everyday responsibilities that we forget the joy of who we are as a married couple. Since my husband and I had children, our lives have gotten caught up in all the activities and details of raising them. As soon as my husband comes home, I bombard him with a series of questions from my to-do list: "Can you watch the kids on Monday afternoon so I can go to the doctor?" "Can you take them to soccer practice?"

But the reality is, one day our lives will return to just the two of us. The question is, will we remember who we are as a couple?

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