Taking God Out of the Equation

Ever since Adam and Eve rejected God's authority, humankind has searched for a source of ultimate truth apart from Him. This quest — to replace God with another truth — has taken many strange twists over the millennia. But one of the most fascinating has been the effort to replace God with "pure reason," or logic. The effort reached its first pinnacle at the time of the ancient Greeks, but it raised its head again in the last few centuries. At one point, some of the world's leading minds seemed to be close to reaching their goal. Ironically, another mathematician stepped in to prove that they would never reach it! This mathematician proved that there must be true statements in any given mathematical system that cannot be proved within that system. Thus, math cannot be the ultimate foundation for truth; it must appeal to something beyond itself.

The lesson for Christians is exciting. No matter how hard people try to disprove or sideline God as the foundation for all truth and life, His eternal power and nature shine forth even more brightly. The very effort to destroy Him merely reminds fallible humans, by their own efforts, that God gets the ultimate glory ... even in the mental world of mathematics and logic.

The Greek Worship of the Infinity of Natural Numbers

Throughout history, mathematics has offered glimpses of infinity that point man's attention to God. However, humans in their rebellious state do not want even a glimpse of God because they suppress the truth in unrighteousness (Romans 1:18).

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