Taking in all God's Goodness

Two of my kids hunting for hermit crab and seashells in Bar Harbor, Maine. We spent the day here on our first stop of the Monumental Experiential and Equipping Cruise.

I was struck by the natural beauty of God's magnificent creation here. Islands as far as my eyes could see, fresh, clear water, and the smell of the sea in the wind. Seagulls enjoying crab and mussels for lunch as much as we did, and two pound lobsters baptized in vats of boing water left a unique New England impression on our minds.

I'm sitting on our boat's deck, 50 feet above the water, with a view that is breathtaking as I plan for our Lord's Day worship service this evening and a lecture by Dr. Marshall Foster tonight. My daughter is writing in her journal, my sons are playing ping pong and basketball, and Chelsea is resting from a full day of taking in all this goodness with our friends and family.

Boy, am I glad we decided to homeschool our children! Who has time for school when we're getting an educational experience like this?