Talking to Your Children About Ducks

America is in the midst of a raging culture war. It may appear that this war is about the beliefs of a family that makes duck calls for a living. However, there is a larger issue at stake. The real issue is about America's disregard for God and his Word. As a country, we have attempted to recast God into our image. This is what you must discuss with your children. Here are three foundational principles that your children need if they are to survive the rapidly growing cultural conflict. The first principle is that biblical truth is timeless.

One comment often heard is that biblical truth is outdated. This is the year 2013 after all. No one thinks that way anymore. This how our culture recasts God and his truth to suit its own lusts. The idea is that truth can become outdated and out of touch. This is a lie! God’s truth is timeless. Claiming that truth changes with time, that is, that truth is relative to a time and place, is direct attack upon the Lord of the Universe.

The second principle is that truth is not determined by public debate.

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