Teach Your Children About the Danger of Acceptable Sins

Sin is making headlines these days. However, the media does not use the word sin to describe what is being reported. That might offend someone. And, of course, the list of wrong behaviors being reported is quite limited. Certain acts of violence, both nationally and internationally, provide opportunities for sound bites and attract viewers, listeners, and readers. But there are other acts, other sins which are ignored. Abortion is a brutally violent act, but there is no media outrage over the thousands of unborn children who are legally murdered each year. Sexual sin is tearing apart the fabric of our culture and country. Yet, immortality is reported as progress, tolerance and freedom of expression. The sin of praying to any god other than the true God is referred as a moment of silence and inclusion. Why does this matter for your children? Because God is a holy God. This means God has zero tolerance for any sin, regardless of whether it is reported or not. The place to teach your children about sin is the Bible, not the public media. Because of the holiness of God, there is no sin which is acceptable, ever.

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